Oliver Zeuke
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Sexy Sunday Photography Book

My first coffee table book

Sexy Sunday

„Sexy Sunday“ is the first book by the German photographer Oliver Zeuke, in partnership with his husband J. Carlos, who has inspired Zeuke's whole project.

The love between them is what has instilled full sensitivity and erotism into his artwork, generating great visual and emotional beauty.

Oliver Zeuke invites the viewer to feel and enjoy photography beyond what can be simply seen. With his technique, he masters light, as it can be seen through the expressivity and richness of tonality of Sexy Sunday, his first project.

The book -based on the "Sexy Sunday" series - includes photos seen on Facebook and Instagram, but also new photos which have never been seen before, pics more sexy and more exclusive.


  • Hard cover book
  • DIN-A4 Landscape
  • 48 pages
  • 42 photographs
  • Limited edition of 350
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