Collaborate photographer of
MASCULAR Studio, London

From snapshots to passion

Oliver Zeuke was born in December 1973 in Bavaria, close to Munich and has been living in Düsseldorf since 2007.

In 2013 the now passionate photographer bought his first DSLR camera.

Having taken the first few shots his interest in photography had been awakened already.

From holiday photos and snapshots his passion for photography developed. That's how he came up with his slogan “From snapshots to passion“.

Since 2015 he submerged deeper into photography and started, together with his husband, his project “Sexy Sunday“ in March 2016 which has been enjoying great popularity and a growing interest ever since.

What makes his photos special in particular is his love for details. “The viewer is to feel more than he sees.

Besides his first exhibition in November 2016 in Cologne the passionate photographer has released his first photo book with the title “Sexy Sunday“.

He is open to new ideas as well as challenges and thus keeps developing his work and himself further.