MASCULAR Issue No 21, December 2017 - Male Photography



Not really the time we usually get up in the morning during our holidays, but this time we had a special reason. Ahead was the photo session for MASCULAR Magazine, London. Titel of the next issue, "Beach"! So Gran Canaria was the perfect place to create some stunning male photography.

After rolling out of the bed and sipping on our first coffee for the day, we took a short "cold" shower and got our selfs ready to leave the Hotel. I grabbed my photo bag, which I always prepare the day before a shooting, grabbed the piece of paper on which I write down my inspirations and ideas and left.

Wait... where's the male model? On the toilet! JOSE VAMOS!! :-)

On our way to our shooting location we started an Instagram live video to show you all a bit of the Hotel and the way to the beach. The walk to our shooting location was great and took us about 30 min. When we left it was still dark and we could see the sun rising slowly over the dunes. The beach was all empty and quiet, the water calm and dark blue. All was so peaceful and relaxing. A perfect start for our photo session.

Once arrived Carlos started to change clothes, as I was looking for the perfect spot to start the shooting.

7AM - And action :-)

We shot about 3 h. In the dunes, in the water, at the watchtower, at the famous Kiosko 7

10 AM - It's a wrap!!!

The result? Take a look...
The completion photo session can be seen in the next MASCULAR Issue No. 21, December.

Check out the magazine, if you haven't done yet!