I captured love...

Jose-Andy, Sitges September 2017-07237.jpg

When it comes to sensuality in photos, I will always remember the photo shooting with Andy & Jose.

In September 2017, my husband and I joined the Sitges Bear Week for the first time. Luckily Andy and Jose had been there too. By chance we all worked out in the same gym. "Piscina Municipal", a very nice gym that has everything you need to work out during the holidays. 
Knowing Jose & Andy already from the past, it was a pleasure to meet them there.

As we have already talked about taking some pictures together in the past, this holiday was a good opportunity to do so.

Having finished our workout, we all went to our apartment, an amazing penthouse (Sea View Penthouse) on the 12th floor with a beautiful view over Sitges and the sea.

After a short talk on how the photo shooting will take place and what kind of pictures will be captured, I began to take some test shoots.

Both were a little nervouse at first, which is totally normal, but giving them some space and let them concentrate on each other, both soon felt very relaxed.

We shot about 1,5 h and I was and am totally amazed by the result!

But take a look for yourself...