Sexy Sunday Photography Book

„Want to make a book? – O.k. let’s make a book“

- March 2016

Well it wasn’t that easy and that fast :-)
But it all started in March 2016.

My office job at that time keept me quite busy, so unfortunately there wasn’t really enough time for photography. But as photography was and still is my passion I had to find some time to shoot. As for many of you, the weekend was the best time to shoot, post process and post my photos.

My husband, Jose Carlos was a willing „victim“ for my Saturday photo sessions. Sundays I did all the post processing and posted the photos after a critical review on my Facebook page 


One of the first Sexy Sunday Photos

While doing the post processing I always listened to an internet radio station called „Ibiza Global Radio“. Sunday mornings they always had a radio show called „Sexy Sunday“. I loved the music and I loved what I was doing and the title was just so perfect for the photos. Yes, that’s where the name Sexy Sunday is coming from :-)

One of the first Sexy Sunday Photos

After a short period of time our weekly photo sessions became routine and to our surprise many people started to ask about the sunday photo posts.

This was the time I noticed that there was real interest in what I am posting every sunday. So we kept on doing what we been doing for quite some time now. The messages got more with each post and also the question if it’s possible to buy these photos.

Honestly, at this time I haven’t thought about selling my work, as I just wanted to shoot photos.

By coincidence I saw a YouTube video of a young photographer presenting his first Coffee Table Book. I was fascinated by the idea and though about creating my own one. It all sounded so easy and the result looked amazing.

The idea of doing my own book was born.

I talked to my husband about it and wanted to hear his opinion. He also liked the idea and as he supports me in all that I am doing he said „Yes, let’s make a coffee table book“.

From that time on, all was more organized and focused on creating a beautiful piece of art. We brain stormed about new photo ideas, about the design of the book, the layout and texts.

Jose Carlos was responsible for all the texts in the book, as I am really bad to write suitable texts :-) I took care of the design, layout and printing of the book. And of course the photos ;-)

I really wasn’t expecting it would be so much work and very difficult at times, but after all it was a great learning process. And yes, I would definitely do it again!

At the same time we had been working on the book, I had the chance to do my first photo exhibition in cologne, of which I will tell you more about in another blog post.

Photo shooting for exhibition in Cologne, November 2016

As you might can imagine it was a hell lot of work to have these two projects running at the same time.

There had been times I really felt desperate and almost cancelled everything. I need to say a big THANKS to my friends who supported and motivated me during the hole process of creating the Sexy Sunday Photography Book. And of course to my lovely husband who had to deal with my moods at this time ;-)

Slowly but surely the book took shape and I really loved what we had been creating so far.

In October 2016 I ordered the first printed copies of the book to see what it looks like in real. The cover photo at this time wasn’t ready and still had to be taken. Also we hadn’t done all the photographies for the book yet. I had the feeling we was running out of  time. But what I held in my hands at this moment filled me with joy, made me proud and motivated me and I knew it’s gonna be beautiful!

Sexy Sunday Photography Book

Instagram - Oliver Zeuke Photography

The start of the exhibition in cologne was on the 23rd of November and also at the same time I wanted to release my book. So we worked harder to keep the date.

Carlos wrote all the texts in spanish, so we had to get them translated into englisch. Thanks god, a friend of carlos niece is a philologist for englisch and he helped us out with all the translations – also a big THANK YOU to him.

Two weeks prior to the start of the exhibiton I had the final version of the book on my computer. Now it was time to order the first batch of books. What an exciting moment. I was so nervous and worried that the books might not come in time, but they did.

On Monday 21st November the books had arrive. What a moment!

We opened the box and saw the books. Wrapped in plastic for protection, I carefully pealed of the plastic and revealed my first own photography book!

There it was the Sexy Sunday Photography Book.

Sexy Sunday Photography Book-Sexy Sunday-11.jpg
Sexy Sunday Photography Book-Sexy Sunday-32.jpg

I will never forget this moment when I opened the book and saw the first photos. The colors were exactly like I wanted them to be. The layout exactly like we planed, the texts perfectly arranged. Printed the photos had even a stronger impact then seeing them only on a computer screen.

In some way I couldn’t believe we made this. It was just perfect! And we were so happy.

The result had been 42 beautiful, sensual and erotic photographs on 48 matt-glossy pages wrapped in a hard cover.

We had been overwhelmed by the response of our customer, fans and followers who bought our book. People from USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Brasil, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Germany ordered our book so far.

Looking back I am so happy I made this step with the help of my husband and created my own beautiful peace of art.

Some copies of this limited editon are still available, so if you also want to enjoy this unique photographs you can order the book here.

Be it for you or as present for your loved ones - Enjoy!!!

Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-03 um 13.34.34.png

Oliver & Jose Carlos