Best in Photography 2017 - The Advocate


I just found out that I am one of the photographers selected as BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY 2017 by the Advocate Magazine *YAAAAYYYY

That is so amazing!

I am very proud and grateful for that. All the hard work is paying of and transforming into recognition and appreciation. What more can I ask for?

This really is a big motivation to do more and better photos.

I just wanted to share this with all of you and thank you once again for your support, all your nice comments, your "likes" and your "shares" - you are all awesome!!!

Isn't that a great way to end 2017 :-)

Happy New Year to all of you out there and have an amazing 2018 - Make it a great one!!!

Biiiiiiig Hugs

Oliver & Jose Carlos

Here's the link to the selected photo(s)