What is it that makes a man?

Flesh, muscles, his genitals... Or is there more?


What is it that makes a relationship?

Intimacy? Trust? Passion? Love?


What makes a compelling photograph?

Intimacy? Trust? Passion? Love?

2nd Edition.png
Sexy Sunday

In Sexy Sunday, Oliver Zeuke combines, light, intimacy, exposure and flesh to share a new vision of masculine art. Together with his husband, Zeuke has created a new body of work that is a must-have for any collector of masculine art, or anyone who want to celebrate the nature of the special intimacy two beautiful men can share.


MASCULAR Magazine says:
"A new and exciting voice in the world of
masculine photography - you've never seen
anything like this before, and you will
never forget it once you have seen Zeuke's
breathtaking work."

  • Hard cover book
  • DIN-A4 Landscape
  • 48 pages
  • 42 photographs
  • Limited edition of 350
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